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New Crankshaft Sleeve for Kubota Part Number 19215-23280

Vendor Aftermarket
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  • BRAND : Aftermarket
  • PART TYPE : Sleeve
  • MPN : 19215-23280, 1921523280
  • WE ARE : WHD-Parts
  • AVAILABILITY : Over 500,000 Parts Available!

New Crankshaft Sleeve

Direct Factory Replacement

Condition: NEW Aftermarket

Replaces part numbers:

19215-23280, 1921523280

Fits the following:

Kubota GF1800

Kubota GF1800

Kubota GF1800E

Kubota GF1800E

Kubota KC120(-G)

Kubota K008-3(KTC/KCL)

Kubota KH-35(H)

Kubota U15

Kubota KC120H

Kubota KC120HC

Kubota GF1800E-R-2

Kubota GF1800-R-2

Kubota F2100E

Kubota F2000

Kubota F2000ELW

Kubota F2000ESW

Kubota G4200H

Kubota G5200H

Kubota G6200H

Kubota KH-41

Kubota KH-51

Kubota KH-51H

Kubota KH-61

Kubota KH-61H

Kubota KH-007H

Kubota B6100HST-D

Kubota B6100HST-E

Kubota B6100D-P

Kubota B6100E-P

Kubota B9200HST-DP

Kubota B9200HST-EP

Kubota B8200HST-DP

Kubota B8200HST-EP

Kubota B8200DP

Kubota B8200EP

Kubota B7100HST-D OLD TYPE

Kubota B7100HST-E OLD TYPE

Kubota B6200D

Kubota B6200E

Kubota B4200D

Kubota B7100HST-D NEW TYPE

Kubota B7100HST-E NEW TYPE

Kubota B1550HST-D

Kubota B1550HST-E

Kubota B1750HST-D

Kubota B1750HST-E

Kubota B1550D

Kubota B1550E

Kubota B1750D

Kubota B1750E

Kubota B2150D

Kubota B2150E

Kubota B2150HSD

Kubota B2150HSE

Kubota F2100

Kubota G3200

Kubota G4200

Kubota B6200HSTD

Kubota B6200HSTE

Kubota B7200HSTD

Kubota B7200HSTE

Kubota B20

Kubota B7100D-P

Kubota K-008

Kubota B7200D

Kubota B7200E

Kubota K-008(>=20001)

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